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by Wolf-Dieter Storl

The true origins of our folk medicine. The traditional medicine of the western natives.

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Our Western medicine does not have its true origins in the scholarly medicine of educated doctors and pharmacists, but goes back much further. Its roots lie in the healing knowledge of the Paleolithic hunters and gatherers, the nomadic pastoralists and the first settled farmers. It is traditional folk medicine, the knowledge of the common people, of grandmothers and root women, shepherds and herbalists.

In addition to the “root” – the medicinal plant – this always included therapeutic, healing words in the sense of shamanic healing, the confrontation with the spirits of illness and the communication with the essence of the plants.

Cultural anthropologist and ethnobotanist Wolf-Dieter Storl describes all this in his usual well-founded, profound, comprehensive and gripping manner

The true origins of our folk medicine

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ISBNs: 978-3-03800-872-9
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